Saint Johns Christmas DonationsPerry Wellness Center is blessed to have many supportive community partners in the local area. During this past Christmas season, we added another partner in giving – Saint John’s New Anglican Church.

In order that all peers would be able to provide gifts for their children and other family members during the holidays, the church donated tables and boxes of gifts. Amanda Perry coordinated the effort for the center and explained the process.

“We know that some of our peers could not provide for their kids and family,” Amanda said. “This church asked for a list of desired gifts from peers. All the requested gifts were delivered in time for Christmas!”

Amanda expressed Perry Wellness Center’s appreciation with a note, which read:

“On behalf of Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Peers and Staff, we would like to sincerely thank Saint John’s New Anglian Church for all the support they have shown us. We are truly blessed to have them as supporters. They have helped to bring not only love and kindness to us but the true meaning of Christmas. We would like to thank them for helping bring true oy to our Peers and their children during this holiday season. Their generosity has shown each and every one of us that there is still so much good in not only this community but the world. We would like to thank them again from the bottom of all our hearts for all their support. Blessings, Amanda Perry.”

In the photo above, Amanda Perry assures proper documentation of peer-requested Christmas gifts. 

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