Nakia at the MarketAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, calling the atmosphere “busy” is an understatement. Customers browse and stop to talk, shelves are stocked and restocked, the resident cats are petted, surfaces are cleaned… The hub-hub was even greater during the holidays, when folks stopped by for seasonal goods or a visit with Santa.

Through the holiday commotion, peer Nakia Rhone performed her regular duties with a smile. She greeted customers and offered to assist them in their purchases. While performing these tasks, she also worked patiently to complete planned Christmas gifts for her friends and family. With the magic of her needlework, she created beautiful knitted items, as shown in the photo above.

“I like meeting people,” Nakia explains about her job. “The market is a great place to be. It is fun to hear the comments of customers. They may arrive with a frown, but I do what I can to help them leave with a smile.”

We hope local readers will stop by and enjoy some customer service from a most determined peer, Nakia Rhone.

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