Wandering Jew plantsAs cold as the weather has been lately, it may seem premature to be thinking of new plants. But every season at Perry Wellness Center is a growing season. Thanks to our plentiful greenhouse space, we grow many plants year-round, and numerous garden beds are home to growing plants from early spring to early winter.

During recent cold days, Connie Rutherford directed a group of peers in greenhouse plant propagation. Small sprigs of Wandering Jew plants were planted in tiny pots. It is hard to imagine now, but these plants will grow into lovely hanging baskets with cascading leaves. Many will also be transferred to larger pots for market display, while others will be planted throughout the Perry Wellness Center campus.

Good news: The first official day of spring is only two months away! It arrives at the spring equinox, on March 20. The spring equinox is the time when days and nights become of approximately equal duration. Trivia alert: the word “equinox” comes from the Latin word for equal, “aequus,” and “nox,” the Latin word for night.

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