Lobby PaintingAt Perry Wellness Center, we stay in a perpetual state of spring cleaning, even in early February. With almost 90 peers enrolled and approximately two dozen staff, our campus and buildings get their fair share of scuff marks, fingerprints, and debris.

The latest clean-up project includes giving our lobby a fresh coat of paint. It is a greeting point for many visitors to Perry Wellness Center, and we want to put our best foot forward, so to speak.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains his motivation, saying, “I have always wanted our painting and cleanliness to be well done. Now, with the increase in local visitors and more out-of-town guests, it is even more important. I want to be sure that all of our peers are doing something to improve our campus.”

Painting is not a task everyone can complete well. Stuart had seen the good work of Marcus Mitchell on some earlier sites, however, and invited him to paint the lobby.

In the above photo, Marcus carefully details the edges of a recently painted wall panel. Well done, Marcus!

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