Planning GroupMonday mornings are a challenge for many as they attempt to ease back into the week. But Mondays are usually a hubbub of activity at Perry Wellness Center, and last Monday was no exception.

It began with a record attendance at the growing center. After peers had a chance to catch up after the weekend, many gathered for a planning group discussion in the classroom building. As a peer-run recovery program, Perry Wellness Center relies upon the regular input of its peers in setting plans and activities for the coming weeks and months.

Facilitated by staff member Sarah Teal, the group began with a discussion of plans for the center’s Valentine’s Day celebration. Using a Candy Gram model, the center will be offering balloons, ring pops, chips, and red roses.

Sarah Teal explained how the lovers’ holiday concept is expanded: “We want this holiday to be enjoyable. I hope people will realize we like to celebrate partnership at Perry Wellness Center. February 14 is a day of friendship.”

After the Valentine’s Day discussion, the discussion was opened to other projects that might be enjoyable. One well-received suggestion was to write and perform a one-act play that demonstrated how to live with and manage different forms of mental illness. (If the play is created, we’ll update our readers!)

Planning discussions – even on a cold Monday morning – energize participants and give peers a sense of community and responsibility for their daily lives. Not a bad way to start the week!

In the photo above, Sara Teal involves peers in a Monday morning group discussion.

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