Angela Smith chairFor six years, Angela Smith has attended Perry Wellness Center. Although she suffered a debilitating stroke on Valentine’s Day 37 years ago, Angela has not let her disability slow her down or keep her at home.

“I don’t like to miss anything at Perry Wellness Center,” Angela explains. “I have found so many good things that help me and my friends that I want to be involved.”

Angela tries to walk as much as pain and fatigue allow, but she must pace herself as she gets around the bustling campus. For assistance, she relies on a motorized chair at the center. She is comfortable with the chair, but remains alert to the occasional warning it provides.

“When this chair is charged, I know I can maneuver where I need to go,” Angela says. “When it buzzes on the monitor, I know it is time to stop and recharge the electric motor. I carry everything with me to help me keep going.”

And keep going she does, as she stays active in groups and other activities at the center. She is also making an increased commitment to her health. Several months ago, she set a goal to quit smoking. During a recent progress check, Angela reported, “I have cut back to 10 cigarettes per day. At one time, I was smoking three packs! I realize that smoking is not good. Since cutting back on smoking, I do feel better, but quitting altogether is tough. I will keep on trying and one day will win.”

Good luck, Angela – we know you can do it!

In the photo above, Angela Smith recharges her motorized chair on the front porch of the classroom building, before she heads out to her next appointment of the day.

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