PotholdersAs a wellness and recovery program, Perry Wellness Center emphasizes creative activity as an antidote for stress. Creative expression can also reduce boredom, increase confidence, and stimulate the brain.

Faithful readers should be very familiar with peer Laurie Slaton, as we have frequently highlighted her creative endeavors. For Laurie, creative activity is a vital part of each day. She has an eye for design, as well as good hand/eye coordination. Laurie’s first endeavor at Perry Wellness Center was the rapid assembly jigsaw puzzles, which she mounted, sealed, and hung for display.

Laurie explained, “I had fun putting together pretty pictures. I like to show my favorite puzzles in my room.”

After her initial projects, Laurie ventured into the more complex artistic world of yarn weaving. She has created many lovely wall hangings using brightly colored yarn, and recently she began making colorful potholders. She shares many of these items with friends, and she also sells them at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

Lately, Laurie has taken up the intricate assembly of name bracelets, created with a variety of colored, initialed, and pictorial beads. Last week, she was hard at work on some special holiday bracelets.

“I like to use hearts on my bracelets,” Laurie noted. “It is Valentine’s week, and I have orders to complete.”

As shown in the above photo, Laurie didn’t even let an arm in a sling slow her down from her creative enterprise.

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