Volleyball practiceAs a high school and college athlete, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO once had aspirations of becoming a sports coach. As they say, life intervened. But now Stuart finds that coaching is a part of his everyday work on campus, whether teaching life skills or overseeing exercise and team sports. The recent warming trend puts Stuart in high spirits, as he starts work with volleyball and tennis teams, who enjoy vigorous competition.

“Like the color in our greenhouses, I like to welcome spring with intense physical activity for peers and staff,” Stuart says. “We all need encouragement to win. The conflicts in our area and our world can cause depression and make us wonder. With team sports, the spirit of teamwork increases. It is good!”

At the beginning of each spring on the awakening campus, Stuart leads the rally for better days and life experiences for his teams, hoping to instill greater confidence as well as skills in each peer. During the first volleyball game of the season, Stuart was heard shouting his familiar cry of “Way to go, way to go!”

In the photo above, Stuart Perry shares game rules and procedures with both new and seasoned volleyball players, early on the first morning of team competition.

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