Mens health monthAt Perry Wellness Center, we definitely value our male population! If you value the men in your life, pay attention to a timely message on their health:

During Men's Health Month, many health professionals are placing a special emphasis on men's mental health and depression. Why, since women are diagnosed more frequently with a mental illness? For an answer, take a look at the following facts:

    • Over 6 million men in the U.S. today are estimated to suffer from some type of depression.
    • Men are at least 4 times more likely to commit suicide as women. For young men, the figure is even higher, with a 6 times greater likelihood of death by suicide.

Why do men fly under the radar when it comes to depression? For one thing, symptoms of depression in men are often misdiagnosed. While women tend to show depression through sadness and feelings of helplessness, men often exhibit increased irritability and anger.

Another reason that men are probably underreported for depression: men are less likely to seek professional help. Because society teaches men that they should be in control of their problems and always act "strong," males typically either deny their mental health problems or mask their problems through alcohol or drug use, over-work, or aggressive behavior. A recent Harris poll on "Therapy in America" confirmed that women are much more likely than men to enter therapy for mental health problems.

To help increase awareness of men's mental health issues, the Men's Health Network has created a helpful and easy to use publication, "Your Head: An Owner's Manual." You can download a free copy here.

If you're a guy, take a few moments this June to read this valuable information. If you're a gal who loves a guy, please share!

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