Tee shirtAttention to proper nutrition has always been stressed at Perry Wellness Center, because of its dedication to mind/body total health. No one takes this more seriously than Culinary Director and team manager Kelly Jansen. After receiving his culinary degree from South Georgia Technical College, Kelly has worked in nutrition at PWC for six years. Although his management duties have broadened, his concern for the proper nutrition of peers at the center has not diminished.

Kelly tries to practice what he preaches at the center, explaining, “I am on a weight-loss plan, and I have increased my attention to proper diet. I am losing weight while working out at a local gym, but want to encourage and remind our peers and staff about important nutritional information.”

At a recent conference and food show, Kelly discovered a tee shirt that summarized his state of mind in a humorous way. As shown in the photo above, the tee has a “nutritional” chart on the back that reads:

PASSION – all of it



SARCASM – 150%

FEAR – 0%



SLEEP – 0%


“This shirt is a challenge to all who wear it, “Kelly states. “I wish I could change my life to these numbers. As I diet and live, my life would be better with these changes.” He also encourages individuals to read the nutritional label for ALL foods, in order to receive real and important nutritional information.

Kelly hopes that his shirt serves as a humorous but pointed inspiration to others. Both his actions and words serve as a model to peers each day. Thanks for all you do, Kelly!


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