Rice BagsSeveral months ago, Perry Wellness Center staff member Mulkey McMichael described his fight with recurring foot pain during a public gathering. A longtime friend spoke up and shared information on a simple, homemade remedy. For years, this friend had used a rice bag to treat her father’s pain. She offered the recipe to Mulkey, who promptly purchased needed materials and constructed the rice bag at home.

“I have been soaking my feet in hot and cold foot baths for years,” Mulkey explained. “When I heard of the rice bag, I thought this was something new I must try. When I shared the recipe with other older friends, many commented, ‘I have used the rice bag for decades. It works for me.’ So I made the bags, and they work!”

Mulkey was so pleased with the results that he conducted a group at Perry Wellness Center about the simple project. He distributed a handout that provided needed materials and instructions:


A recipe for easing foot and other muscle pain.

This recipe is safe and simple and costs little to make.


A 9” microwave-safe, unbreakable plate/platter

4 clean socks

A few lengths of string or yarn

Dry rice to fill two socks (purchase a 2-lb. bag for later additions to socks)

On a level surface, carefully open the bag of rice. Fill ONE sock with the rice but DO NOT OVERFILL the sock. Fill the second sock as you did the first. Carefully insert the rice-filled sock into another sock for protection from any loose rice. Put the second rice-filled sock into the other available sock. Tie off the ends of the two socks with suitable yarn or cord. Be sure it is microwave safe and will not burn or melt.

Be sure the filled socks will flatten in the plate. They should be only ¾-inch thick and ready for use. If too full, empty some of the rice and save for future use.

In the plate, place the TWO flattened socks side by side and microwave for 3 minutes. Depending on the power of the microwave, a more suitable time may be used. The rice-filled socks must be HOT to the bottom of the feet. Remove any socks or other foot covering and wash and massage if you wish.

Sitting with feet FLAT in the plate, over the two socks, place one foot on each sock. RELAX!  Initially the socks will be HOT. Let the feet remain on the socks but remove until the heat is bearable. When the heat will allow leaving your feet on the socks, let them remain for 5-6 minutes or until the rice-filled socks have cooled.

Massage your feet with some dry skin lotion or over the counter foot cream. Leave the feet uncovered as you prop them up for additional massage.

This routine is safe and can be repeated each day. Keep the socks on the plate for easy re-use of the therapy. Feel better and share the recipe with others who might have foot pain.

NOTE: The socks can be heated as prescribed and applied to other aches on the knees, arms and other joints.

This is an old but proven recipe. It has improved foot pain in many others when used as needed or on a regular schedule.

Before the group began, Mulkey place a yellow tab under the eat of one chair in the classroom. After his presentation, he told peers of the tab, and announced that he would present a new rice bag to the one in that chair. Kaylon Holt occupied the winning chair. When he received the socks, he graciously presented them to a fellow peer who suffers from chronic pain.

In the photo above, Mulkey McMichael and Kaylon Holt pose with their rice sock pain solutions.

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