New Basketball GoalAs the weather improves overall, competitive sports are on the rise around the Perry Wellness Center campus. The renewed interest in basketball is partially spurred by the installation of a new Spalding basketball goal.

Founder and CEO Stuart Perry is excited to see the increased activity. He explains, “Our peers and staff have long enjoyed sports competition. It is good to see them learn the rules and play together as younger athletes.”

March preparations for the sports season include not only a new basketball hoop, but attention to such items as volleyball standards and netting that need repairs. After all, there’s more than basketball to team sports.

“Peers like to challenge each other and visitors at volleyball,” Stuart continues. “Soon, peers will hike to the Sumter County High School South campus to play tennis.”

He concludes, “With our increased population, the summer sports program is very important to us. Peers learn clean competition.”

 In the meantime, there’s a new basketball goal to break in!

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