326We just wanted to give our readers an update on our market namesake, Rudy. This sharp-clawed, purring bundle of fur began to hang out at the market several months ago, and he has truly made Rudy’s Happy Patch Market his home. (Don’t tell him, but he thinks the market was named after HIM.)

No rodent or other pest is safe on the campus of Perry Wellness Center, thanks to the small army of cats and dogs (two each!) that patrol the premises.

“My family loves pets,” Stuart Perry explains. “We have cats and dogs who offer us love and attention.  We try to protect them, as they protect our dwelling and Perry Wellness Center.”

So when Rudy showed up at the market, it was a safe bet that a mutually beneficial relationship would soon be established. In addition to chasing away varmints, the pets on campus provide a therapeutic experience for peers who wish to give or receive loving companionship. Research has shown that petting an animal helps both our mental and physical health.

Thanks for staying around, Rudy!

In the photo above, Rudy takes an early morning stroll around campus, alert for any four-legged intruders.

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