LettuceAt Perry Wellness Center, there are as many types of greens as there are shades of green. Kelly Jansen, a certified chef and nutritionist trained at South Georgia Technical College, promotes healthy, “green” eating in the center’s cafeteria and market. A variety of green, leafy produce, from collards to salad greens, is grown in the raised beds on campus, tended by peers, and sold at the market or carried home.

“I am aware of the value of greens in my personal diet and in the health and wellness program for our peers,” he explains. “We can cut any of these lettuce varieties for our customers, and they can serve a very fresh salad to their family.”

Recently, an overstock of different greens was made available to peers to take home for a future meal. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry says, “We had an abundance of both collards and salad greens in our gardens. We cut and bagged them for peers to take home for a future meal.”

In the photo above, a lush selection of fresh, growing lettuce awaits its future at a spring dinner table. 

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