St. Johns HarvestRecently, we shared the story of the growing community partnership between Perry Wellness Center and St. Johns Anglican Church. Several months ago, the expansion of the church grounds at 220 Southland Road led to the creation of a series of raised garden beds, along with walking trails and a recreational area. During the plan stages, church leaders determined that nutritional produce would be planted in the beds and used to help feed the growing number of peers at the center. Many of these individuals now attend St. Johns, along with PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry and family members.

“This partnership of caring for our peer population and staff began last Christmas,” Stuart notes. “Since then, this church has increased its donations to Perry Wellness Center. I make a point to thank everyone in person each time I attend this thriving church.”

A portion of the garden beds harvest is sent to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market for display and sale to its growing number of customers, while the remainder heads to the cafeteria for lunch preparation. The greater variety in fresh produce is greeted with approval by peers and staff alike.

“They harvested red tip lettuce on their first delivery,” Stuart recalls. “It was a hit in our cafeteria. We all loved the fresh taste of this pretty lettuce.”

Several vegetable varieties were harvested and delivered to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market on one recent work day. The delivery included broccoli, collards, and giant heads of cabbage.

In the photo above, Stuart Perry smiles as he cuts broccoli heads from newly dug plants.

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