Audit 2018For organizations that do business with any state or federal entity, audits are an often dreaded part of doing business. At Perry Wellness Center, we actually enjoy our state audits, as they help keep us focused and give us a chance to shine.

Our most recent audit was a positive experience all around. The Georgia Collaborative ASO, Of Atlanta, visits sites throughout Georgia which receive state funds and check on their progress. Its most recent audit took place March 27 - 29, when a three-member review team arrived on campus to review records and talk with peers and staff.

During the recent visit, 20 randomly selected peer records were reviewed and individual interviews were conducted with five peers and five program staff members. Services were reviewed in the Mental Health Peer Support, Substance Abuse Peer Support, and the Whole Health and Wellness programs. Billing data was also checked for accuracy.

Individuals often question the emphasis upon documentation, saying, “Aren’t services more important than written notes?” Of course, the answer is yes. However, one of the best ways to determine the quality of services is by seeing what is reflected in the record. Did the peer have appropriate input in the service planning process? Were services provided appropriate to individuals’ needs? Did peers achieve their individual goals?

We’re proud to report that Perry Wellness Center scored significantly above the state average in all audit areas last month. Here are some examples:

Assessment and Planning:  statewide average – 77%; PWC – 97%

Focused Outcomes:  statewide average – 89%; PWC – 99%

Service Guidelines:  statewide average – 88%; PWC – 100%

Billing Validation:  statewide average – 84%; PWC – 99%

Total score:  statewide average – 84%; PWC – 99%

“I am proud of this score for our 2017 review year,” says Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “As we continue to grow, the documentation and review, both local and state, is quite important. Good news from all these sectors causes us to believe that we have great team leadership at Perry Wellness Center.”

Attached to the seven-page final audit report were nine statements of highlights from the review. Stuart explains, “These highlights make us feel good. The last comment pleases me. It reads, ‘Perry Wellness Center provides the use of ferns and flowers to local churches and schools in Americus and Sumter County.’ More and more citizens understand our mission of helping those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. Good public relations are important.”

He concludes, “We will continue to strive achieve more highlights on our next audit!”

In the photo above, Mese Stewart, Faith Curtis, Amanda Perry, and Shelia Bodrey pose with Stuart Perry after a successful audit.

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