Charlene Hayes 2018As a full-time wellness program, Perry Wellness Center provides a variety of healthcare services. With its emphasis upon total mind/body wellness, the center addresses both mental and physical health issues in its daily schedule.

Local mental health advocate and registered nurse Charlene Hayes manages health and wellness activities at Perry Wellness Center. Before she became an employee of the center, she worked as a tireless advocate for the program, alongside her late husband, Rudy Hayes. Almost 20 years ago, the couple embarked on the 1000-mile Journey for Life with Stuart Perry. This depression awareness campaign led to nationwide recognition of Stuart’s story of mental illness and recovery and hope for others.

“I have been a registered nurse for many, many years,” Miss Charlene says. “When I retired, my long-time friend Stuart Perry approached me to manage the health and wellness program at Perry Wellness Center. I have been here for four years and try to assure the best possible health for our peers each day.”

Stuart Perry explains, “We have to monitor the weight, blood pressure, medication, and general wellness of our population. Charlene is tops. I am assured that she knows the right questions to ask our peers, as she is sometimes their only confidante on campus.”

As the peer population increases at the center, the busy health professional offers advice, answers questions, and oversees health indicators for all. Her ready assistance and caring manner give her a central role in a health-conscious campus. Thanks for all you do, Miss Charlene!

In the photo above, Charlene Hayes, RN, prepares to enter information on a peer’s individual wellness and progress notes.

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