The Golden RuleIn the morning peer group sessions at Perry Wellness Center, no topic is off limits and no question too trivial or profound to be raised. From these group discussions come new understanding of problems and solutions in today’s world.

Last Monday, staff member Sarah Teal led a peer group discussion on a topic which many present first learned in Sunday School, but which is a cornerstone of decent behavior in any setting—the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” many of us were first told as children. On Monday, Sarah posed these questions to peers: “What would you want others to do for you? And what will you do for others?”

She explained, “For all of us, we need to review our actions when people do good and bad things to us. Sometimes we reciprocate with unkind comments and harsh actions. I want to remind our peers and staff that a pause before any reaction is good.” The certified peer specialist understands that impulsive behavior can be a problem for many individuals with mental illness or addictive disease. Stopping to think about the consequences of overreaction can help “cool down” a situation.

As with most sessions, Sarah as group leader will take time to remind her class of the discussion and answer questions. It’s all part of the learning process – at any age!

In the photo above, certified peer specialist Sarah Teal talks with peers in a recent discussion group.

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