Marketing studentsOn a recent morning at Perry Wellness Center, four students from Georgia Southwestern State University stopped by Rudy’s Happy Patch Market on a fact-finding mission. The students are enrolled in a Principles of Marketing course at the local university. They have been charged with developing and market campaign a fictional product – in this case, a naturally existing supplement to aid plant growth. Thus was born “Granite Plant Food.”

With a design replica of the product box in hand, the four young women viewed plant care tags around the market, in an effort to better write copy for their product information. They were accompanied by staff member Cindy Corbin.

“This place is great,” one of the students enthused. “We are happy to come here and get more information about our product.” The students’ enthusiasm was contagious with customers and staff alike.

In the photo above, Georgia Southwestern State University students Adarah Cherry, Charli Allen, Alex Rhodes, and Maci Underwood view the many plant varieties at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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