Teasley familyWe truly believe that all our peers and staff become part of the larger Perry Wellness Center family. But it is a privilege to meet members of their own families when they stop by the center.

A recent family visit took place when three of Program Director Jackie Teasley’s family stopped by. Jackie’s father, Jack Teasley, is a regular visitor to the center. On a recent day, he brought her aunt and uncle to the center while they are visiting from South Carolina. Micky and Nana Goff are return visitors to the center. Whenever they are in South Georgia, they like to stop by and see what is new in the campus greenhouses and gardens. They noted that all of the roses and other plants they have purchased from the center over the years have been healthy and hardy.

Particularly fond of Knock-Out roses, they have been struck by the hardiness of the plants, as well as their beauty. Nan Goff says, “Our roses are almost six feet tall and have flourished in our yard.”

While Jackie’s guests always by something at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market when they visit – this time a watermelon and cantaloupe, they also enjoy seeing the many activities at the center and learning more about the recovery programs their daughter and niece Jackie supervises.

The branches of the Perry Wellness Center family tree extend broadly. Thanks, Jackie, for sharing your family with us!

In the photo above, PWC Program Director Jackie Teasley, left, greets uncle Micky Goff, aunt Nan Goff, and father Jack Teasley on a recent visit to the market.

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