Insect InspectionWhile people have practiced gardening for centuries, traditional plant raising can benefit from a healthy dose of modern technology. Just ask Perry Wellness Center staff gardeners Jamie Minich and Cindy Corbin. They have found that the internet can help them out in real time as they perform their daily garden tasks.

For example, species rotation is practiced at the market in order to ensure the best exposure of plants. During a rotation, each plant is checked for any possible insect infestation. On one recent morning, they discovered a possible insect marking on a hydrangea plant. Without hesitation, Cindy reached for her smartphone and consulted Google for a possible identification of the unwanted pest. Within seconds, the identified bug appeared on the phone screen, along with suggestions for irradiation and removal.

“I know if may look strange to customers,” Cindy says, “But we can check plants and identify problems as we walk the paths of Happy Patch Market. This saves time and steps.”

In the photo below, Cindy Corbin, standing, and Jamie Minich inspect plants along a brick path at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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