Poole farewell

It was a day both sad and joyful for the staff and peers of Perry Wellness Center, when it was learned that staff member Lezlie Poole had accepted a position with the prestigious Rosalyn Carter Institute, on the campus of Georgia Southwestern State University. To honor Lezlie prior to her departure, a celebration was held at the center.

With a broad smile, Lezlie listened to accolades from peers and staff. Many peers recalled specific events that touched them during their association with her. Then Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry took the floor to express his appreciation.

“I can only praise Lezlie and her work at Perry Wellness Center,” Stuart said. “For over two years, Lezlie has met with peers day and night and helped them with their problems. Now Lezlie can share her good works at this center as she moves to another level of help for people with mental illness. Pam and I wish her well and know that her life will be spent helping others.”

After so many words of appreciation, snacks were served, including such Lezlie Poole favorites as chicken tenders, spinach dip, seven-layer salad, and popcorn.

The program over, Lezlie remained on campus to continue to speak with staff and peers on her final day at Perry Wellness Center.

Best wishes for an exciting professional future, Lezlie!


In the photo above, Leslie Poole, center, says goodbye to Perry Wellness Center peers and staff.

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