Tomato inspectionSome time ago, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market adopted the tomato as its primary year-round vegetable of choice, and since then, staff have worked to ensure that a large supply is always on hand. This year, late spring/early summer tomatoes are particularly plentiful at the market.

“We are excited about the recent rains and the production of vegetables by our local farmers,” says Stuart Perry. “Our tomato plants at Rudy’s Happy Patch have been full of produce. It is tempting to walk through our market and select a tomato to eat, like an apple.”

With the huge inventory of tomatoes on hand, care is taken to first sort them by appearance and ripeness. The plump produce is then carefully packed in straw baskets.

Tomato basketsStuart explains, “Some of our customers like to visit our market and purchase a larger selection of tomatoes. We have put tomatoes in baskets, with special care to provide green, ripening, and ready-to-eat selections. This has been a popular way of selling our tomatoes.”

However they are displayed, this season’s tomatoes are delicious!

In the first photo above, Stuart Perry, staff member Cindy Corbin, and market manager Charles Tanner check a display for any blemished tomatoes. In the second, Charles, Cindy, and Stuart review the variety of tomatoes in baskets.

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