Peer support activities are designed to provide assistance to individuals from those who have faced similar life challenges and made significant progress in their own recovery.  Many Perry Wellness Center staff are certified peer specialists who lead the following activities:
Group therapy and education provide the treatment of choice in peer-run centers.  Our groups are designed to address a variety of consumer needs and include the following:
    • WRAP groups -- Wellness Recovery Action Plan groups guide participants through the process of learning about their own wellness tools in managing mental illness.  Group members also learn how to use key recovery concepts such as hope, self-advocacy, and personal responsibility in their daily lives.
    • Double Trouble groups -- designed to address the needs of individuals who deal with both mental health and substance abuse problems.  A growing number of behavioral health consumers have "dual diagnosis" issues, and treatment must address all aspects of recovery.
    • Open Discussion groups-- Free flowing discussions are based on the personal issues that group members wish to discuss or particular wellness topics for that day.  Nothing is off limits in the groups'  vigorous and candid conversations.      



 Engaging in relaxing and meaningful creative activity is an important part of the recovery process.  Our arts and crafts program features an award-winning artist, as well as numerous volunteers.  Through regular arts and crafts time, program participants learn to rechannel stress and negative thinking into creative outlets.  Recent activities have included the development of a garden wellness walkway, floral and herb arrangements, and painted fountains.



Our campus includes an Educational Center, which features a computer lab, DVDS, books, and other learning materials. Learning the facts about a mental illness or substance abuse program can help an individual have greater control over his or her recovery.  Peers attending our wellness center receive regular mental health and substance abuse education as part of their treatment regiment. Additionally, other educational activities help clients lay a foundation for future employment or higher education.

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