Task Planning to Reduce StressDealing with stress is a life skill that is particularly important for individuals with a mental illness or substance abuse problem. At Perry Wellness Center, certified peer specialist Sarah Teal recently tackled this subject in a morning discussion group.


During the group, Sarah offered concrete suggestions to help manage or avoid stressful situations. For example, she suggested that peers have planning days and write down all tasks that should be done on that and upcoming days.


Sarah explained, “I am sure that when I write down jobs that I must do, they will ease my crowded mind to best to my job for my clients and for myself.”


Using a display chart and personal handouts, she shared strategies for prioritizing and completing tasks.


“I try to write in the border of my notes, in smaller reminder words, a more detailed reminder of my future jobs,” Sarah said. “I must remember my follow-up plans and conversations with peers that are in my assigned care group. Jobs should not be stressful, and this note taking process works for me.”


In the photo above, Sarah Teal reminds peers of the need to keep planning lists and reminder notes in order to stay on task and avoid needless stress.

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