Rudy's Happy Patch Produce Market is an open-air market on the Perry Wellness Center campus.  It specializes in locally and seasonally grown produce, plants, and herbs.

The Market Phone: 229-942-9313

Fall market saleWhat We Offer

As a service for peers, Happy Patch Produce provides opportunities for socialization and job readiness.  As a service to the community, it provides a vibrant marketplace in which to shop for:

      • delicious produce, from tomatoes grown in our own greenhouses to seasonal fruits
      • beautiful floral hanging baskets
      • herb gardens
      • our famous turnip root pickles
      • garden decor, including hand painted fountains

We invite you to come browse in our market and take a tour of our greenhouses.  We will post regular specials on our blog and Facebook page.

Nutritional Tips

APC 3730

A wellness coach manages our market, and she is always happy to provide you with nutritional advice or a recipe or two!  (We're still trying to get her to share her secret recipe for our famous turnip root pickles!)

Here are a couple of nutritional thoughts from Happy Patch's Phyllis B.:


Fresh Produce Tip: 

We all know that the fresher the produce is, the better it will taste and the more nutrients it will have. Growing up I always heard the only way to prepare corn on the cob was to bring a big pot of water to a boil and go out in the corn field to the far end. Then you were to start running toward the house, pulling ears of corn and shucking it as you ran. As soon as you reached the kitchen, you should throw the corn into the pot of boiling water. Now that's FRESH!!! 

That is a bit extreme, but you get the idea. Fresher is better. Don't buy more than you need at one time. Find out when your market gets its fresh produce, and plan your shopping around that.



Speaking of corn, folks who stop by our market frequently talk about "boiling their corn on the cob" when they get home. The easiest way I've found to prepare it, however, is to leave the corn with the silk and husks intact. Trim off any excess stalk and husks on the stem end. Place an ear or two in the microwave for a minute and a half per ear and cook on high heat, turning about halfway through the time. You may find that your microwave requires a little more or less cooking time, based on your preferences and the maturity of the corn. (The University of Georgia recommends four minutes per ear, but I prefer less time.) When cooking is completed, very carefully remove the husks and silk (will be very hot), butter, serve and enjoy! Yum!

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