Hope Park HistoryThe landscaping and water features of Hope Park were designed to be an oasis of peace and reflection for peers, staff, and visitors at Perry Wellness Center. From its koi pond to its shading arbor, it beckons people on even the hottest summer day.

Staff member and artist Jeff Williams was both the creative force and construction leader on the development of the park. He recently described how Hope Park came into being.

“This was a severe slope adjacent to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market,” Jeff explained. “I could not control heavy rain water. I decided it would be a site to relax and think about the good things in life. After donation of the massive stonework and after plant placement and stone-paved walking paths, Hope Park has become a great place for all, including the donated goldfish!”

With the strategic placement of driftwood and other found natural materials, the flow of water has found new direction. In the afore-mentioned pond, the goldfish seems to enjoy the tranquility of their home, as well as their daily feedings.

In the photo above, Hope Park’s large goldfish drift in the shade of the morning sun.

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