As Perry Wellness Center expands its activities, it balances the need to keep peers and staff safe with the awareness of how important wellness activities are to individuals in recovery. An important component of any wellness program is exercise and sports activities.

Basketball Goal"We must have our sports program back at Perry Wellness Center,” explains PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “We once had basketball, volleyball and off-campus tennis and golf. Now we have begun to re-establish our sports program. I hope that we can add even more sports activities to our curriculum in coming weeks.”

As part of the renewal process, artist and designer Jeff Williams is once again lending his hand to construction – this time, for a new basketball goal. We came upon him recently, peering at a set of assembly instructions that came with the goal.

Smiling, Jeff said, “I know that most men do not refer to directions, but this goal has so many parts, I need to be sure they are all in the right place! I hope I found the right language on the instructions, and the goal will be right on the first attempt.”

With a laugh, he returned to his work. Perhaps he was thinking about how his life work has extended from art exhibits at the Louvre to unlocking the puzzle of basketball goal assembly.

Here’s to an active, healthy fall for peers and staff.

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