Linda BurtonOne of the biggest challenges of dealing with a pandemic is the huge disruption that often occurs in the daily routine. For individuals with behavioral health problems, this challenge can be particularly difficult. A steady routine is beneficial to many people in recovery.

Perry Wellness Center has tried to strike a balance between protecting the health of peers and staff and maintaining a therapeutic routine. The biggest change in daily routine peers went through was when the center closed down for several months. Peers seem excited to be back at the center, even though they must deal with such changes as social distancing and wearing masks. Peers also came back to a new classroom building (which also helps with social distancing) and changes in everything from lunch menus to group information.

We’re happy to report that peers are really stepping up to the challenge – some literally. Take Linda Burton (pictured above), for example. A peer who commutes to the center from Ideal, Georgia, Linda has been attending to center for over a year. She is putting exercise back into her routine with such activities as working out on a Weslo treadmill.

“I am glad we are back open, and I can return to some manner of living each day,” Linda says. As do many peers, she finds that regular exercise is a welcome part of her routine, now more than ever. 

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