Sumter Cycling rideIf local readers noticed a lot of bicycles in the vicinity of Perry Wellness Center last weekend, there’s a good reason. Rudy’s Happy Patch Market was the starting point for the Sweet Corn Ride, sponsored by Sumter Cycling, with support from several Americus and Sumter County organizations, including PWC.

Both 12-mile and 29-mile routes were planned and staged. The ride ended at its market starting point, where each rider received a bag of Chase Farms’ Silver King sweet corn, provided by Stuart Perry and PWC.

Ryan Iafigliola, President of Sumter Cycling, expressed his appreciation, noting, “This was a fun time for cyclists to come together for a beautiful Saturday morning ride and enjoy the fruit of this area.”

Sumter Cycling is planning to hold bike rides each month. Interested bike riders can sign up for notifications on the Sumter Cycling website.

In the photo above, Americus and Sumter County cyclists gather at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market for the kickoff of the Sweet Corn Ride.

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