WRAP PlusAs someone with his own history of mental health challenges, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry enjoys seeing peers meet their own challenges. For some of the peer members of PWC, these challenges include deficits in basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills due to past disruptions in the learning process.

“I like to see individual peers working to improve their personal skills in areas like math and language,” Stuart says. “The peer population seems eager to help themselves. They work after groups and meals to achieve personal goals.”

For years, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or WRAP, has served as a valuable training and goal-setting tools for peers in recovery. Now the books series has added a new volume, WRAP Plus, a language study paperback, by Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D. Now peers are studying this update to the popular series and putting its teachings to work.

PWC peer Lemuel Hill is pictured above at a study table in the new PWC classroom building, using this learning tool. He says, “This series of WRAP books is good. It is a way to better our skills.”

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