Javin Baker artworkOne of our most creative young peers at Perry Wellness Center is hard at work. A while back we first shared the story of Javin Baker, a talented young artist who is working on a book of drawings and text.

Creative director Jeff Williams has taken Javin under his wing and continues to be impressed with his talent: “Javin never slows with his creative mind. He sees events in our community that prompt his paintings and expressions. I am excited about our work together.”

Much of Javin’s work takes its inspiration from his own struggles with mental illness, as well as the successes of being in recovery. He utilizes a recurring character, Kriss, to stand in for him, as he explores his journey of recovery.

“It is fun to express myself through imaginary characters,” he tells us. “I use “Kriss’ in my book to share events and actions that I experience. It is fun to put his reactions in words and in art.”

In addition to his book, shows his talent in other creations, including panels of characters, some of which are drawn on textile materials. In the above photo, Javin displays some of his recent larger works of art. At Perry Wellness Center, we’re very proud of your perseverance and your boundless talent, Javin!

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