Kaylon Holt raceYou’ve heard us speak often of Kaylon Holt, an enthusiastic peer at Perry Wellness Center. In addition to his many other interests and talents, Kaylon is an avid runner. Last week, he decided that he would participate in the Marion County Middle/High School evening 1K Fun Run and the 5K run.

Kaylon planned to enter the 1K fun run only, but as race time neared, he rethought his plans. “It was a warm night, but there was a breeze,” Kaylon explained. “I decided that I would enjoy the challenge of the 5K run." He changed his registration and entered the longer run.

Good move, Kaylon! It turns out that he placed first in his age division for the 5K run. “I hope that I can enter more races,” Kaylon noted. “They are fun and make me feel better mentally and physically.”

When Kaylon is not running road races, he is often involved with his volunteer efforts for the Ronald McDonald House, as he collects soft drink tab tops for redemption. The proceeds go to help families of young cancer patients in the Columbus area.

“I hope people will enjoy their soft drinks and deposit the tops to help others,” Kaylon reminded us with a smile.

In the above photo, Kaylon proudly displays his first place medal and his tee shirt for his winning 5K run.

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