Cake bakingAt Perry Wellness Center, lunch is a highlight of each day. The culinary staff takes great pride in offering diverse meals of farm-to-table vegetables, salads, meat, and our award-winning cornbread. Dessert is a classic end to a delightful meal, and our desserts are no exception.

One recent dessert was particularly spectacular, both as a delicious end to a midday meal and as another creative learning opportunity for peers. Staff member Amber Mimlitsch-Rechtorovic provided a recipe for Dark Chocolate Strawberry Torte, along with her personal changes. She then asked two peers to assist her in their first hands-on edible art project! As the 12” x 16” cake was created, step by step, interest mounted throughout the cafeteria.

“It may not be from our Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) cookbook,” Miss Amber said, “But it will be a unique learning experience.” And a delicious one, we assure our readers. It’s also a reminder that creativity can come in many forms, with many outlets – even mealtime in a busy cafeteria.

In the photo above, peers Antwan and Javin don gloves to assist in a special dessert creation, as Amber Mimlitsch-Rechtorovic explains and supervises the process.

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