Holt InterviewYou’ve frequently read about a very special Perry Wellness Center peer, Kaylon Holt, and his ongoing charitable project. (In case you haven’t, Kaylon collects aluminum soda pop tops for donations to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia.) Earlier this week, Kaylon sat down with a university intern for an interview.

Leah Powell, a graduate student at Ford Valley State University, visited the center to learn more about Kaylon and his mission. Leah is studying for a masters degree in school counseling. This summer, she has been completing a practicum and will begin her internship this fall. She lives in Americus and is married to a PE instructor and baseball coach at nearby Lee County High School.

Leah explained, “Kaylon seems to be the peer who has increasing acclaim throughout Georgia, as he shares his story of recovery. I wanted to meet him and share our conversation with my graduate class and teacher at Fort Valley State.”

During their interview, Kaylon shared his successes as a top collector of pop tops. The donated aluminum can be redeemed for cash by the Ronald McDonald House, which provides assistance to families of seriously ill children. As his efforts continue, with the support of many area residents and businesses, Kaylon is preparing for his next delivery of 632,000 pop tops to the Columbus facility, surpassing a total collection of 1,083,000 to date.

Interestingly, Leah originally wanted to meet with Kaylon because of his general reputation as a peer advocate, but she was unaware of his local claim to fame. She noted, “I knew about his speaking throughout Georgia but was not aware of his individual leadership in pop top collection. I know all of you at Perry Wellness Center are thrilled with this success.”

Indeed we are, and we wish our new friend all the greatest success in her academic and professional career.

In the photo above, peer Kaylon Holt and graduate student Leah Powell chat about peer leadership.

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