Blooming shrubAs the last full month of winter heads to an end, anticipation has increased for the annual spring blossoming of the Perry Wellness Center campus. From greenhouse offerings to landscape plantings, preparations have been underway to welcome spring blooms and foliage.

The five greenhouses on the campus have been cleaned thoroughly and sprayed to deter pesky insects. Now the spaces are being filled with colors of new and older varieties of plants native to the Southwest Georgia area.

Around the sprawling campus, planted trees, borders, and other plantings must also be checked, trimmed, and otherwise maintained. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry gladly takes on the task of surveying the grounds.

β€œI try to check on the many plants that were spread over our campus when Perry Wellness Center opened,” Stuart explains. β€œIt can be a full-time walk, but our campus does look great.”

His walks are made more enjoyable by the early blooming of trees and shrubs around campus. In the photo above, a stately Ruby Lorapetalum shares its color on the northern campus border.

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