Qi GongAs all our readers know by now, total mind and body wellness is a goal for all peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center. Staff member Ric Vogt is now leading a new morning wellness activity with a group of interested individuals. The program, Qi Gong, has been described as “eight easy movement for vibrant health.” Ric explains, “Qi Gong, the mother of Tai Chi, is a series of simple, yet highly effective deep breathing and stretching movements which are easily acceptable and safe for all ages and physical abilities, for health and long life.”

“Qi” means life force, energy, and vitality. “Gong” means work, study, and discipline. So Qi Gong is “energy work,” which has been part of traditional Chinese medicine since 1600 B.C. The practice helps individuals maintain health by creating a state of mental and physical calmness—and indication that one’s Qi energy is balanced and harmonious. Arriving at this state allows the mind, body, and spirit to function more efficiently, with the least amount of stress.

“When one starts practicing Qi gong exercises,” Ric notes, “The primary goal is to concentrate on letting go, letting go, letting go. That is because most imbalance comes from holding on to too much for too long. Most of us are familiar with physical strength of muscles, and when we think about exercising, we think of terms of tensing muscles. Qi energy is different. Qi strength is revealed by a smooth, calm, concentrated effort that is free of stress and does not pit one part of the boy against another.”

While more traditional exercises  and sports are practiced regularly at Perry Wellness Center, peers enjoy learning a variety of health practices that help them stay in better physical shape and with a more tranquil state of mind.

In the photo above, Ric Vogt, center, leads an early morning Qi Gong class with Perry Wellness Center peers.

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