BirdhousesAt Perry Wellness Center, our peer members take a variety of classes, including one on Artistic Expressions. Recently, some of the peer members had the opportunity to put their artistic skills to work on a new project -- birdhouses! A customer made a request for a sturdier birdhouse, so staff and peer members came up with a new design and started building.Using treated wood and cedar trim, a total of ten birdhouses were constructed.

Our "first edition" birdhouses have already sold out, we're proud to say. But under Mulkey McMichael's tutelage, future editions are planned.  The market will soon be featuring a variety of seasonally themed birdhouses and other wooden objects, perfect for gift giving. They also provide our peer members with an opportunity to try out and display their skills.

In the above photo, peer member Roderick Arnett adds final embellishments to each  of the hand-signed birdhouses.

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