Drivers testThroughout the year, several peers have questions about obtaining their drivers’ license. Perry Wellness Center aims to assist peers in the goal of greater independence through a valid drivers’ permit. Classes have been established to provide information and assistance to interested peers. Printed study books have been obtained from the local Dept. of Driver Services office, and peers also are directed to the online study guide and practice test.

This month, peers who are studying for their license have started a friendly competition between the men and women. Peers and certified peer specialists work together to research, study, and complete a series of electronic practice tests found online at the Georgia DDS website. Individuals may take the exams, which include questions on road sign recognition and proper driving regulations, as often as they wish.

In the current gender-based competition, women have taken the lead, scoring overall in the 90th percentile. The passing score for a test is 75%. Go, ladies!

In the photo above, staff member and CPS Ric Vogt, left, and peer Shanora Robinson check out an online driver’s test.

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