Learning toolAs the day begins each morning at Perry Wellness Center, peers engage in a variety of activities, from conversation to video games. While many peers enjoy social activities, others use their “down” time to work on hobbies and learning activities.

One such peer is Jeanette Williams, who likes to work on Word Jumble books. She explains, “This is fun, and I feel good when I complete a page. It gives me something to do, and I learn new words and meanings.”

Several weeks ago, the center contacted the Mini-Mags Group, publisher of Word Jumbles, about obtaining complimentary copies of their books. While there has not yet been a response from the parent company, PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry is hopeful.

“It is exciting to see Jeanette learning new words,” Stuart notes. “She has been improving her life with these skills for weeks. I will provide her new books if she asks.”

In the photo above, Jeanette Williams works on her word learning for the day in a quiet spot.

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