Kaylon Holt 2018Most of our longtime readers are familiar with one of Perry Wellness Center’s most active peers, Kaylon Holt. The young Marion County native has achieved regional recognition for his volunteer efforts on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia.

We checked in recently with Kaylon for an update on the status of his efforts. After a couple of years of collecting pop tops from soda cans, the enterprising peer has donated over 1,200,000 redeemable pop tops to the non-profit organization. This number represents the largest individual donation of pop tops in the area. His efforts have been supported by Perry Wellness Center and many local schools and businesses, for which he is grateful.

But Kaylon contributes in other ways to the center and the community. Right now he volunteers to welcome visitors to Perry Wellness Center.

“People in Sumter, Schley, Macon, and Marion Counties have been good to me,” Kaylon says. “Many of them have discovered Happy Patch Market, and many have brought me more pop tops. I just want to welcome them to our center.”

Soon, Kaylon will deliver several thousand additional pop tops to the Ronald McDonald Center. We salute his for his tireless efforts on behalf of young people in the region.

In the photo above, Kaylon Holt cleans the pathway and steps that greet visitors to the Perry Wellness Center campus.

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