Jimmy SellarsTake a stroll through the classroom building at Perry Wellness Center, and you’ll see that some of the most valuable activities take place between scheduled groups and classes. Learning new information and improving social interactions are at the heart of many peer activities.

At one table, peer Jimmy Sellars is putting technology to work. As it has for millions of Americans, his cell phone has become not only a communication tool, but a source of both entertainment and learning. Today, Jimmy is learning some new words and phrases in Spanish.

“I was curious about the meaning and Spanish translation of positive or good words,” he explains. “If I learn these words, I hope I can include them in my conversation and impress my friends and associates.”


Card GameAt another table, long-time peer leader, Essie Fulks, left, and campus greeter Rhonda Hubbard, right, put another popular pastime to use as they welcome new PWC member Carol Proctor to the center with a friendly game of Hearts. Tables frequently display card games ranging from Go Fish to Canasta.

Whatever the method, individuals find ways to constructively pass the time between formal learning and therapeutic activities. They may learn a few Spanish phrases or make new friends in the process!

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