Sometimes what you read in the fine print is actually true! The Lowe's Home Improvement website states: "We believe community involvement extends beyond the boundaries of the traditional retail setting. Whether it's helping with natural disaster recovery or taking an active role in programs that make our neighborhoods better places to live, we are committed to helping our neighbors through alliances with well-respected organization."

We're happy to say that Perry Wellness Center has been deemed one of Lowe's "well-respected organizations." For months, the Americus, Georgia Lowe's store, under the management of Clint Long, has provided huge support for our efforts at the center and our market. They've donated plants and other materials to help us grow plants to sell and to beautify our campus.

Recently, we received a donated wheelbarrow from Lowe's. With all our gardening, composting, and recycling projects, it will come in handy! Next time you're at Lowe's, let them know you appreciate their support of local non-profits. Then buy some plants for your own little happy patch. Remember, healthy eating and exercise are part of a wellness regimen – and gardening provides the best combination of both!


Left to right: Sotero Fontanez, Project Specialist at Lowe's; Jessica Long, Assistant Store Manager, Jeff Williams, PWC Creative Projects Director.

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