Bike ridingThrough the years, several peers and staff have enjoyed either walking or pedaling their bikes to Perry Wellness Center each morning. Such action is only natural at a recovery center that emphasizes total wellness and healthy living.

“We encourage physical betterment with our peers and staff,” Perry Wellness center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains. “Each muscle movement is good for the body. I am pleased to see many more enjoy the physical exercise, especially on the way to Perry Wellness Center.” As all staff and peers know, Stuart enjoys his role as an unofficial coach for all who choose to exercise or participate in sports at the center.

For peers who do not choose to walk or bike to work or live too far away, van pickup and delivery is provided daily by the center. Van routes ensure that individuals from seven Southwest Georgia counties are able to have safe transportation to the center.

In the picture above, Irvin Cook slows his bike as prepares to turn into the front gate of Perry Wellness Center.

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