Atlanta MarketAccording to the calendar, the first day of Fall this year was Saturday, September 22. Even though summer temperatures have continued, a group from Perry Wellness Center found a way to celebrate the fall equinox.

Last Thursday, Amanda Perry led a delegation for its annual trip to the Atlanta Farmer’s Market. The purpose of the trip: to select pumpkins, mums, decorative corn, and other fall decorations for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 

It turned out that Thursday mornings are hectic at the Atlanta market. Trucks from South Georgia, both delivery and pickup, were parked in market service bays, and preparations were being made for the following weekend of commerce. However, Karen Stockton, a sales clerk for Hammonds Produce, found time to assist the Americus group.

As Amanda began her survey of available pumpkins and other seasonal décor, Kelly Jansen, Kelvin Mullins, and Mulkey McMichael made plans for loading of the selection. 

“This is a fun trip each year,” Amanda said, but she acknowledged a sense of impatience to accomplish as much as she could in a small window. 

“Depending on the weather, the pumpkin market varies each year,” she explained. “We are always told that other trucks will be arriving the day we are there, but we do not have time to wait. We must get home and begin market decoration with our purchases.”

As the Perry Wellness Center transport van filled, final selections were made. “This is a long way to drive, and we want to fill the van!” Amanda concluded. Mission accomplished!

In the photo above, Amanda Perry, Karen Stockton, Kelly Jansen, and Kelvin Mullins pose with a filled box of decorative gourds before their loaded van begins its journey home.

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