2018 FirepitThe first cool morning of fall recently brought peers together around a warming fire. The fire pit, created by artist and staff member Jeff Williams, has held many logs in times past, but the oak wood it held this week had a bittersweet history. 

The firewood came from felled trees on the grounds of the home of Stuart and Pam Perry. When Hurricane Michael blew through the area two weeks ago, it left downed trees and limbs on the Perrys’ property, causing devastation to part of their home. When the debris was cleaned up, downed wood was cut to manageable lengths to fit in the cement and metal firebox next to the campus pavilion.

“I am happy that the wood could be moved to Perry Wellness Center,” says Stuart. “We were upset when we saw the trees down in our yard. Two came through our bedroom roof. I thank God that Pam and I had moved to another portion of the house.”

Stuart adds, “I am sure there will be other wood that we can cut and bring to our campus. The devastation in Southwest Georgia was bad. I am glad that we have the wood cut from my yard.” He concludes with a smile, “We can burn it and send the memory of Michael up in smoke!”

In the photo, Chambliss Wiggins, Camry Clayton, Jimmy Sellars, and Raymond Davis gather around the firebox to ward off the early morning chill. 

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