St. John partnership and peppersAs we’ve shared with our readers before, Perry Wellness Center has a special partnership with St. John’s Anglican Church in Americus. It began with the creation of space for raised garden beds on the extensive grounds of the church. After seeding and planting the garden beds, Perry Wellness Center peers visited the grounds regularly to maintain the beds. Squash, tomatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables flourished in the beds, providing healthy produce for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market and gardening experience for peers.

The coming holiday season is a time to reflect of one of the church’s most meaningful contributions to the welfare of the center.  Last Christmas, St. John’s provided a large donation to the center, collecting new toys and clothes to be given to peers and their families.

“The large donation last Christmas began a great partnership with Perry Wellness Center,” says Amanda Perry, who attends the church along with her parents, Stuart and Pam Perry. “Their support as a church means much to us. The growing of vegetables on their garden sites and transfer to Happy Patch Market for selling has been another good partnership. This church does what Christians should do. We try to help others.”

Whatever the season, the staff and peers of Perry Wellness center appreciate the generosity of St. John’s Anglican Church and its presence in the community.

In the photo, Kenneth Christmas shares pounds of harvested peppers from the St. John’s church gardens.

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