Walker repairPerry Wellness Center is a place that promotes caring and support for others. It also promotes the ability of individuals to ask for help when it is needed.

These principles were recently illustrated in an interaction between peer Darryl James Foster and new staff member Freddie Burton. Darryl prides himself on his participation in groups and other campus events, despite his reliance upon a walker to assist in his mobility. Recently, he realized he was experiencing a problem with one of the wheels on his mobile walker. He immediately called Freddie to view his walker and check out the problem.

Needed tools were soon located, and Freddie repaired the wheel before the problem worsened. Both parties benefited from this transaction. Darryl left with sustained mobility and the warmth provided by another’s caring. Freddie left with the satisfaction of being able to help out in a simple but meaningful way.


The new staff member reflected upon the activity, saying, “I am happy that our peer and staff populations call on me to do small repairs—and just to talk with me while I work. This communication allows me to learn of the need and personality of my new friend at Perry Wellness Center. I got the walker repaired, and Mr. Foster thanked me and got on his way.”

It was a simple interaction, but one that demonstrates positive communications between staff and peers at Perry Wellness Center.

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