Flower painting


Bright colorful signs, structures, and landscaping are notable elements of the cheery Perry Wellness Center campus. As late winter repairs and maintenance continue, even faded concrete footpaths are getting renewed attention.

Several years ago, Jeff Williams created a cheerful sunflower design for the path that led to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Over time, the design has faded with so much foot traffic. Now the mural is gaining new life. After tracking down the original paint mix, staff member Stephen Thompson is now carefully refurbishing Jeff’s design on the path that leads from the parking lot to the market. Additional staff members and volunteer peers are working together to restore the five-year-old design.

“We have always said that when people leave Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, they leave with a smile,” explains Stuart Perry. “I feel that the multi=color sunflower is a positive welcome to customers.”

Original artist Jeff Williams is pleased to see this activity as well, saying, “I do appreciate this attention to help renew the look of our corner marketplace. It does make you feel better when you see that we care.”

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