Valentines Day 2019Yesterday was a time of celebration at Perry Wellness Center, as staff and peers paid tribute to friends and loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Fresh flowers were delivered, and gifts of cookies and candy were exchanged.

Despite the excitement of this special day, much of the normal routine also continued. Nutritional meals were served, discussions were held, and medical needs were attended to as well.

As staff nurse Charlene Hayes, R.N., explained, “We know that today is Valentine’s Day, but the body has daily needs. We schedule needed medications for our peer population, for example, and I deliver them with water while on campus. I make sure that they take and swallow the medication.”

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry added, “As we work to help with stress and mental recovery with our peer populations, we must be sure to meet their medical needs as well.” With a smile of pride, he added, “Charlene Hayes has been with us for many years and really does a good job.”

In the photo above, Charlene Hayes administers routine medication to a program peer.

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